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Hacking Humans

The media is full of stories about computer hacking, as the latest viruses, worms and Trojans are devised by unscrupulous hackers to penetrate systems, steal data and blackmail individuals and organisations. Obviously, we all have to keep on our toes and up to date with the latest developments in cyber […]

Ethical Hacking

Hacking For Good It seems like hacking’s never off the news, and there’s some kind of moral panic about the practice, whether its teenagers breaching security systems from their bedrooms, or Russian operatives launching cyber attacks on the West. But did you know that some hackers work for good, the […]

Artificial Eye

Artificial Eye David Bowie famously sang about ‘the gift of sound and vision”, two seemingly simple procedures that we take for granted, but how easy are they really? For example – someone throws you a ball, and you catch it – what could be simpler? If you break this down, […]