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The Struggle with Jobs

A Job For Life?
The world of work has never been more precarious, with the notion of a job for life consigned to the dustbin of history. However, things are only going to get more uncertain, with the rise of automation, the most serious challenge facing workers in the workplace over the coming decades, with everything from how we collaborate to the technology we use up for grabs.
Some have estimated that up to half of jobs in the US will be affected by this phenomenon in the next decade. The only way to stay ahead is to keep upgrading your skills, and stay ahead of the curve.
Some people go to college to learn a specific skill set, and naively assume that will see them through the rest of their working life. In today’s ever-changing workplace, they couldn’t be more wrong. To keep yourself an eligible employee, you have to stay on top of developments in your sector, which could involve taking classes, attending trade events, or following the advice of leaders in your field.
You will have to be observant yourself about everyday tasks and processes and how they’re changing, distinguishing between outliers and actual trends.
You Are the Brand
You may have a great LinkedIn profile and heaps of good contacts, and be active on Twitter, but you may have to do more entrepeneurship of the self to establish yourself as a brand.
Brand-building and other entrepreneurial skills will become increasingly important as more workers shift to the gig economy and freelance work, possibly between periods of full employment. To be in the competition for your next job, you need a body of work as a portfolio, and online capital to sell your pitch.
Keeping Up With Tech
As technological change seems to get quicker every year, it can be hard for we mere humans to keep up. If robots are coming to your workplace, you need to keep one step ahead of them, perhaps by learning programming or mastering the support that automated systems require.
There’s an array of online learning courses available to help you develop your skills and stay ahead, with Udemy one of the leading providers in the field. You can find a course to match your need and budget, with great deals on hand from Groupon.
The Human Factor
One area where humans will always be ahead of machines is empathy. Emotional intelligence is vital in the workplace, whether in the form of empathy and building strong bonds with your co-workers and network. These social skills are vital in getting and keeping a job, and often neglected by courses. The old adage ‘ it’s now what you know, it’s who you know’ is as relevant as ever, but you need to keep on your toes with tech, and keep your skills updated.

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