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What is Udemy and Why Should You Use It?
Udemy is a revolutionary way of learning new skills for professionals, covering everything from IT skills to advance your career, to guitar lessons to relax in your downtime. Why is it revolutionary? Because, unlike traditional collegiate coursework, our courses Are delivered by individual instructors who have a passion to share their knowledge with others.  You’ll find to boot that Udemy’s competitive rates make it much, much cheaper than going to college!
Founded in California in 2009, the company has since raised $173 million, reached 15 million students, and offers more than 45,000 courses. It is the world’s largest marketplace for online courses, and now has over 20,000 instructors. In the U.S., according to the Department of Education, there were about 13 million students working toward a four-year degree during the fall 2015 semester. Little wonder that online education has boomed in line with the price of college courses in the United States. Americans hold $1.2 trillion in student loan debt, an economic albatross hanging round their necks for the early stages of their working lives.
Could online learning be the future of education? Udemy’s former CEO Dennis Yang, who built the company up to the success story that it is today, had another vision, envisioning that online education could serve a different purpose, helping professionals long out of college keep up with changing workplaces. Through a combination of technology, automation and globalization, things are changing quickly, but at the same time, what we learn in school, and how we’re teaching and being taught in school, is the same,” he claimed in an interview with Time Magazine. So traditional education is not really keeping up from a pace standpoint.”
Indeed, Yang realised that the fundamental problem with education wasn’t necessarily cost, but access to courses. Most of the problems outside the U.S. aren’t really around affordability,” says Yang, speaking broadly of the education field. It’s much more around accessibility. It’s literally: We don’t have schools, we never built out that infrastructure, we don’t have content, we don’t have instructors. And that’s what we do.”
The majority of Udemy’s users take professional development courses, teaching skills that are practically useful in the workplace. However, 30% take personal development” courses to improve their quality of life, ranging from music to fitness. This is a sign that people increasingly view education as an investment in their future, especially vital at a time when technology is changing so rapidly, and workers have to keep their skills updated to adapt to change.
Udemy’s range of course don’t only suit all needs and interests – they also suit all budgets, with courses ranging in cost from ten dollars to over $250. You can get great special offers on courses with Groupon, so go on, – what’s stopping you?

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